Increase curb appeal with
POWERHOUSETM 3.0 Solar Shingles


Technology developed by The Dow Chemical Company

Durable against extreme weather

3rd generation proven product. First two generations already installed on over 1,000 homes

Designed and assembled in the U.S.A

Making your roof earn money for you

25 Years of Electrical Savings $76,151.97 $72,653.36
Net Cost of System, can be financed $22,469.22 $20,962.22
Monthly outflow with financing: $25 / month
outflow for
7 years until
cash positive
Save Immediately


A roof that makes you money

Visually unobtrusive and affordable

Enjoy savings on your electrical bills which keep going up

Battery storage solutions available

20-year weatherization warranty under normal
usage after date of completion


11-year parts

24-year power production

Class A fire rating

Class 2 hail rating (1?” ice ball)

UL 1703 impact rating (2” steel ball)

200 mph wind rating


POWERHOUSETM provides long term savings.

Reduces your utility costs and saves you money from the first day of install

Plus, you can take advantage of the 30% federal tax credit with any other local incentives

Comparing Home Improvement Projects

Protect your home and power your life with POWERHOUSETM.

Converts energy from the sun into power for your home, sending excess energy back to the utilities’ power grid for credit to you.

Improves marketability: Houses with solar increase in value and sell twice as fast, on average, as houses without solar (According to NREL)

Boosts curb appeal — the most important feature sought by homebuyer’s

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